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::Life - Toons and Things::

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28 October
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  • darwiniantheory@livejournal.com
bla bla bla.. I do graphics http://DarwinianTheory.co.uk you dont really want to read anything anyways:)

find my recent illustrations at deviant art here ---> http://dtdstudio.deviantart.com/

currently working on my Dr Who Matt Smith projects and some david tennant coming soon

OK... What can I say about myself?

I am a freelance Cartoonist/Illustrator working in the South of England with (WildJasmine) and a small dog named Hamish **I think the dog is gay btw**

I actually come from Nottingham, home of loud music and strange people who actually miss me:) Awwww

My fav artists are Goya, Dali, Gary Larson and Brian Froud *the Labyrinth Artist*.

I drink too much coffee and am responsible for a LOT of silly pictures and even cute ones from time to time!

Gotta drink coffee now!

Also an Eddie Izzard fan.... so I MUST be a nice guy :)

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